IM-1064-10G is used for optical signal intensity modulation and laser pulse shaping. This device is composed of a high polarization extinction ratio (PER) polarizer, an integrated push-pull electro-optic Mach-Zander interferometer and an integrated electro-optical DC bias controller, suitable in pulse-laser and high-power laser systems.  Based on Lithium Niobate (LiNbO3) material, IM-1064-10G is fabricated with optical waveguides using High Temperature Proton Exchange (HTPE) and the velocity-matched electrodes for high-frequency region. The IM-1064-10G is highly reliable in performance with on-off extinction ratio (ER) exceeding 22dB. It operates in wide temperature range with extended life time in comparison with other competing technologies such as InP and silicon photonics.


  • 1064 ± 30 nm operation
  • EO bandwidth (-3dB) > 10 GHz, Max. to 20GHz
  • Insertion loss < 4.5 dB
  • Vπ (RF port, at 100 kHz) < 4 V
  • Push-pull electrode design
  • Polarization extinction ratio > 60dB


  • High-power laser, MOPA laser
  • Pulse shaping
  • Pulse picking
  • High-frequency optical chopping
  • Short pulse generation
  • Analog transmission link
  • Delay lines telemetry systems
  • Free-space optical communication, FSOC


Application Diagram: