Technological Innovation and Leading Position! Polaris Photonics’ AMP Module Shines at 2024 IEEE Inertial in Hiroshima, Japan

Event date: 2024/03/28

Polaris Photonics showcased its latest R&D AMP module at 2024 IEEE Inertial in Hiroshima, Japan, sparking widespread attention and recognition within the industry. IEEE Inertial, an international conference focused on inertial sensors and navigation systems, attracted participation from experts and scholars across various fields. The 2024 IEEE Inertial provided participants with an exceptional platform to share the latest research findings, technological innovations, and application cases, fostering collaboration and interaction among professionals from different domains, thereby playing a pivotal role in advancing the development and application of inertial sensing technology.

Polaris specializes in lithium niobate (LiNbO3) material optical waveguides, modulators, and multifunctional integrated optical devices. With two factories in Taiwan, one dedicated to the production of MIOC chips in semiconductor processes and the other responsible for assembly and testing, we possess comprehensive laboratories, instrumentation, and quality management systems to deliver high-quality products.

The AMP module targets the subsystem for fiber optic gyroscopes (FOG), where A represents ASE light source, M represents MIOC chip, and P represents photodetector. The launch of this module once again highlights our technological leadership in the field of optical waveguides, further enhancing our competitive advantage in the optical instrument and equipment market.

We continuously innovate and upgrade our technology, committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and services to drive the development and application of optical waveguide technology. Through our ongoing efforts in the optical field, we strive to offer customers more high-quality optical solutions.