25 dB Gain Pre-Amp EDFA Benchtop w/PM Output, C-band


The Optilab EDFA-PA-PM-B Pre-Amp EDFA is a high-gain Benchtop for amplifying low input level signals that is an easy-to-use and cost-efficient solution for photonic subsystems and fiber optic system integration. Using a high gain design, this benchtop provides over 25 dB gain with a 4.5 dB noise figure and is designed to amplify signal with a low input level as low as -40 dBm. Software control is standard via an RS- 232 port for status monitoring and pump current adjustments, and pump laser protection and alarms are equipped to ensure the reliability and safety of the device.

➤High gain of more than 25 dB
➤Low noise figure
➤Designed for low input level
➤PM Output
➤RS-232 standard for remote control
➤10+ years of operation life

➤OEM integration for
➤Optical Networks
➤Research and Development
➤RF over Fiber
➤Pulse Amplification