785 nm, 10 GHz Phase Modulator


The Optilab PM-785-10 phase modulator is a 10 GHz LiNbO3 modulator. This modulator can provide phase modulation with a low driving voltage. Its low insertion loss provides for its maximum transmission power. The PM-785-10 modulator uses polarization maintaining (PM) input and output fibers, making it easy to integrate with other optical components.

➤Up to 10 GHz Bandwidth
➤Low Optical Loss
➤785 nm operating wavelength
➤Low Drive Voltage
➤Minimal Back Reflections
➤Polarization Maintaining

➤Coherent Communications
➤Optical Chirping
➤Optical Sensing
➤FM Spectroscopy
➤Frequency Shifting
➤Laser Linewidth Broadening