30 GHz Linear InGaAs PIN Photodetector


The Optilab PD-30 is a highly linear, 30 GHz bandwidth InGaAs PIN photodetector that is ideal for use in O/E front-ends requiring wide band frequency response. The coplanar waveguide photodiode design optimizes speed and sensitivity for the 1260 nm through 1610 nm wavelength range, and assures a 30 GHz frequency response necessary for digital and analog applications. The front-illuminated mesa-structured PIN design allows a high input power level of up to 20 mW. The PD-30 is available in a standard 2-pin package with SMA or K RF connector output for ease of assembly.

➤ Bandwidth 60 KHz to 30 GHz
➤ SMA or K (2.92mm) Connector
➤ AC Coupling
➤ Highly linear to 20 mW input power
➤ Operating temperature from -10 ºC to +60 ºC
➤ High current handling up to 35 mA
➤ Flat frequency response, ±1 dB
➤ Useful spectral range 850 nm -1650 nm