Single Pump Ytterbium Doped Fiber Amplifier, Polarization Maintaining (PM), Rackmount


The Optilab YDFA-XX-PM-R is a polarization maintaining optical amplifier unit designed for applications requiring high efficiency optical amplification in the 1060 nm regime in both CW and pulse mode operations. It is a self-contained, turn-key standard 1U rackmount designed to supply high and stable gain across the specified range of the wavelength window with optical output power up to +18 dBm.

➤PM Output
➤High SNR near saturation power
➤Saturation power Up to +18 dBm
➤Single Stage Amplification
➤Pulse and CW operation modes
➤Interlock safety feature
➤Single Stage Amplification

➤Fiber Optic Sensing
➤Lower Power Pulse Amplification