850 nm, 40 GHz Intensity Modulator, PM Output


The IMP-850-40-PM Intensity Modulator is designed for analog modulation of up to 40GHz for satellite links, antenna remoting, and RF over Fiber. Featuring an Annealed Proton Exchange (APE) waveguide, this modulator provides low insertion loss, low Vpi, and high-power handling capability. It has an operating temperature tolerance ranging from -10 ºC to +55 ºC, and superior insertion loss provides for its maximum transmission power. The IMP-850-40-PM uses Polarization Maintaining (PM) input and output fibers.

➤ 40 GHz Bandwidth
➤ Polarization Maintaining output
➤ 850 nm operating wavelength
➤ Low insertion loss, low Vpi
➤ High input power handling capability

➤ Analog Modulation
➤ Pulse Generation
➤ Research & Development
➤ Quantum Photonics
➤ Active Mode Locking Laser