WLI-1550 – White Light Interferometer


WLI-1550 – White Light Interferometer

The White Light Interferometer—WLI-1550 is an enhanced version of Scanning Michelson Interferometer designed to obtain the Polarization Cross Talk and the Polarization Extinction Ratio (PER) of the packaged Multifunctional Integrated Optic Chip devices (MIOC). The WLI-1550 is also a powerful tool in obtaining the space-resolved stress information of the Polarization Maintaining (PM) fiber by analyzing stress-induced polarization cross-coupling along it.

The WLI-1550 has advantages of high spatial resolution, large dynamic range and ultra-high measurement sensitivity. It has been widely applied for the evaluation and in-process monitoring of the components of Fiber Optical Gyros (FOGs). The WLI-1550 is equipped with WLIVieW LabView software and with user friendly GUI interface, which displays the location and polarization coupling ratio of each stress point as a function of distance along the DUT.

• 70 nm width broad band light source
• -50 dB polarization cross talk sensitivity
• Large PER measurement range
• High spatial resolution
• Large fiber measurement range
• User friendly GUI interface

• MIOC cross-talk measurement
• PM fiber coil inspection
• Distributed stress sensing
• Polarization waveguide inspection
• Interferometer sensor inspection


WLI-1550 System Schematic:

WLIVieW GUI Window:

Typical Performance Data: