TASA leads domestic space industry to participate the Taiwan Expo Indonesia 2019

Event date: 2019/09/26

Taiwan Expo Indonesia 2019 (hereinafter referred to as the Taiwan Expo) kicked off on September 26th at the Surabaya International Convention Center for a three-day exhibition. This year, the NARLabs’s Taiwan Space Agency (TASA) and members of the Taiwan Space Industry Development Association, including National Central University, Pyras Technology, Gran Systems, Polaris Photonics, and Trident Pacific, jointly formed the “National Space Technology Pavilion” to showcase Taiwan’s space technology capabilities and expand cooperation and business opportunities between Taiwan and Indonesia.


Taiwan’s space technology has been developing for nearly 30 years, progressing from purchasing satellites from abroad to now possessing capabilities for small high-resolution remote sensing satellites and meteorological satellites. In this exhibition, in addition to showcasing the development history of the Formosat satellite series, the the NARLabs’s Taiwan Space Agency primarily introduces the applications of Formosat-5 imagery, data utilization of Formosat-7, and the development of Triton satellite.

Formosat-5 is Taiwan’s first domestically produced remote sensing satellite, capable of providing near-real-time satellite imagery. Utilizing DataCube technology, it can also provide value-added services for applications such as agriculture and river monitoring using these satellite images. The Formosat-7 constellation consists of six satellites launched into orbit this June. Mainly through occultation techniques, they perform meteorological observation missions in mid and low latitude regions, providing a multitude of data to enhance the accuracy of weather forecasting. Triton is Taiwan’s second domestically produced satellite, showcasing four key components in this exhibition, including satellite computers, power control units, GPS receivers, and GNSSR payloads, demonstrating Taiwan’s capability in producing satellite components.

In addition to the exhibition at the NARLabs’s Taiwan Space Agency, Taiwanese space companies also showcase satellite technology-related technical products, including the National Central University’s Compact Ionospheric Probe, Pyras Tech’s S-band helical antenna, Trident Pacific’s synthetic aperture radar satellite image analysis system, Gran System’s fans, as well as Polaris Photonic’s electro-optic modulator model and optical gyroscope model.

Director Chun-liang Lin of the NARLabs’s Taiwan Space Agency delivered an opening speech at the Surabaya International Convention Center, introducing the development history of Taiwan’s space industry to Taiwanese and Indonesian dignitaries attending the event, hoping for more cooperation between Taiwan and Indonesia in the application of satellite imagery and meteorological data. Officials from the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN) of Indonesia also attended the exhibition to discuss future bilateral cooperation matters with the NARLabs’s Taiwan Space Agency.

▲ Director Chun-liang Lin of NARLabs’s Taiwan Space Agency (TASA) and officials from LAPAN engage in bilateral cooperation discussions.

As emerging space nations, Taiwan’s space development strategy and goals are very similar to those of Indonesia. The NARLabs’s Taiwan Space Agency looks forward to leveraging this exhibition to create substantial cooperation opportunities in the space domain between Taiwan and Indonesia, thereby enhancing research and development in various space fields for both parties.

Source of the article: https://technews.tw/2019/09/27/narlabs-indonesia-and-taiwan-image-exhibition/