200 Channel 3G-SDI Video Transport System


Category: Optilab

Optilab SDI-VT48 is a fiber optic link which can transport video signal with data rate up to 48 Gbps in a single mode fiber over 50 km distance. It is an ideal solution to transport large channels of uncompressed high data rate signals for live broadcast. Unlike other products based on CWDM technology, Optilab SDI-VT48 uses time division multiplexer / demultiplexer to convert 16 channels of 3 Gbps data into / from one channel of 48 Gbps data in differential quadrature phase shift keying  (DQPSK) format. The video signal is carried at one optical wavelength and transported in a single mode fiber. This method enables the transport of up to 200 channels of 3G-SDI signal in one single mode fiber with 100 GHz spacing DWDM technology. Moreover, this transport system is compliant with SFI-5 standards and provides deskew function to maintain their alignment in time domain. Such property is important in applications like image reconstruction on the receiver end. This transport system also integrates with bit error rate tested function for convenient self test.