Modulator Test Station


Category: Optilab

MTS-16 Modulator Test Station utilizes feedback loop control configuration for automated measurement of Bias Stability, Optical Transmission, Insertion Loss, and DC Vπ of optical modulators over temperature variation. The test station can measure up to 16 modulators in parallel. MTS-16 consists of a 16-chanel integrated low noise light source, a high-precision temperature chamber, compact feedback bias control board and PD board, which makes it a fast and fully automated miscellaneous parameters test station for optical modulators. MTS-16 is capable of measuring the Bias stability, Optical transmission, Optical insertion loss, and DC Vπ over temperature change for up to 16 modulators in parallel.

Figure below shows a modulator testing application case by using MTS-16, the optical transmission and DC V π over temperature change were measured for one intensity modulator.