1064 nm 40 GHz Lightwave Transmitter Module


The Optilab LTA-1064-40 is a high-performance 1064 nm lightwave transmitter module designed for operating frequency up to 40 GHz. This module includes a 40 GHz lithium niobate MZI intensity modulator seeded with a CW DFB laser. The internal optical modulator is automatic biased  to one of the operating modes: Q+, Q-, MIN and MAX. 

➤ Automatic Bias Control w/ 4 mode operation
➤ High Optical Output Power
➤ PM Output Option Available
➤ High Extinction Ratio Available

➤ Analog photonics
➤ 40 GHz RFoF transmission
➤ RF/IF signal distribution
➤ Free Space Optics Communication
➤ Fiber Optical Communication
➤ Picosecond Pulse Generation