40 GHz Lightwave Transmitter Module for RFoF, A housing, Low Drive


The Optilab LTA-40 is a high performance Lightwave Transmitter Module designed for analog photonics applications from DC to 40 GHz. This unit includes a 32 GHz optical intensity modulator and an Automatic Bias Control (ABC) board with four different operating modes. The integrated internal DFB laser makes it a versatile solution for RFoF system integration. The LTA-40 requires a single ±5 Volt DC power supply for operation.

➤ 1520 nm to 1610 nm wavelength range
➤ Automatic Bias Control w/ 4 mode operation
➤ Internal DFB laser up to 50 mW
➤ Customizable options:
• Low Drive Voltage
• PM Output
• High Extinction Ratio (>30 dB)

➤Analog photonics
➤40 GHz RFoF transmission
➤RF/IF signal distribution
➤Satellite communication
➤Optical communications to 43 Gb/s
➤Picosecond pulse generation