50 GHz Lightwave Transmitter Module for RFoF, A housing


The Optilab LTA-50 is a high performance Lightwave Transmitter Module designed for analog photonics applications from DC to 50 GHz. This unit includes a50 GHz optical intensity modulator and an Automatic Bias Control (ABC) board with four different operating modes. The integrated internal DFB laser makes it a versatile solution for RFoF system integration. The LTA-50 requires a single ±5 Volt DC power supply for operation.

– 1520 nm to 1610 nm wavelength range
– Automatic Bias Control w/ 4 mode operation
– Internal DFB laser up to 50 mW
– Customizable Options
– Low Drive Voltage
– PM Output
– High Extinction Ratio

– Analog photonics
– 43 GHz RFoF transmission
– RF/IF signal distribution
– Satellite communication
– Optical communications to 50 Gb/s
– Picosecond pulse generation