Lightwave Modulator for QPSK/ QAM, Quadrature Phase Shift Key


The Optilab LM-QPSK-R is a high-performance Quadrature Phase Shift Key (QPSK) lightwave transmitter designed for optical communication up to 80 Gb/s or beyond using polarization maintaining (PM) optical fiber. The external PM laser source couples into a dual IQ drive speed MZI modulator for QPSK modulation, with dual broadband modulator drivers which provide high-quality, single-ended voltages to drive a QPSK LiNbO3 modulator, with independent control and monitoring on both amplified signals. Adjustable RF gain through the front panel interface and LabVIEW software can be performed. The LM-QPSK-R has a built-in Automatic Bias Controller (ABC) which allows for stable long-term operation. The LM-QPSK-R can also be used for Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM).

➤Up to 80 Gb/s Data Rate
➤Integrated Modulator Driver
➤ Automatic Bias Control
➤ Dual IQ modulator
➤ Bandwidth options: 40/60/80 Gb/s
➤ Touch Screen LCD & USB Interface

➤ Optical Networks
➤ Coherent Communication
➤ Research and Development
➤ Test and Measurement