40GHz EAM Lightwave Transmitter


The Optilab LT-40-E-M is a 40 GHz lightwave transmitter module designed for RF over fiber, antenna remoting and broadband digital communication. It utilizes a C-band distributed feedback (DFB) laser monolithically integrated with a high-speed electro-absorption modulator (EAM), together with an integrated DC bias circuit for lightwave modulation. Its USB port provides bias setting and status monitoring function based on RS485 protocol. The LT-40-E-M requires a single ±5 Volt DC power supply for operation.

➤ Wide bandwidth up to 40GHz
➤ Integrated Bias Tee Design
➤ RS485 control and monitor via usb
➤ Low RF Drive Voltage

➤ 40GHz RF over Fiber
➤ 40Gb/s NRZ /RZ Data Communication
➤ Phased and interferometric array antenna
➤ RF/IF Signal Distribution