30 GHz Linear Photoreceiver, Hermetically Sealed


The Optilab PR-30-A-HS is a linear photo receiver designed for analog applications. This compact photo receiver contains a surface coupled coplanar waveguide PIN photodiode and a linear transimpedance amplifier within a hermetically sealed 14-pin butterfly package. With an integrated variable gain amplifier (VGA), PR-30-A-HS offers two gain control modes: Manual Gain Control (MGC) mode or Automatic Gain Control (AGC) mode. In MGC mode, PR-30-A-HS provides a linear conversion gain up to 3000 V/W. At a reduced gain setting, the bandwidth of PR-30-A-HS can be increased up to 35 GHz. In AGC mode, the gain is automatically adjusted to deliver a constant differential output voltage up to 1800 mV. The high conversion gain and low input referred noise makes this linear receiver well suitable for high-speed analog applications, as well as digital applications requiring linear response, e.g., QAM-16.

➤ Adjustable 3 dB Bandwidth up to 35 GHz
➤ High Conversion Gain up to 3000 V/W
➤ Linear TIA with Integrated VGA
➤ 14 pin mini-DIL package
➤ Hermetically Sealed Version Available
➤ MGC and AGC Mode

➤ PAM-4
➤ Linear Receiver up to 30 GHz
➤ 30 GHz Analog RFoF Link
➤ Low Noise Analog Heterodyne Detection
➤ Transponder and Line Card Designs