40 Gb/s PhotoReceiver Module


The Optilab PR-40G-M is a high speed photo receiver module. Featuring 30 GHz bandwidth and 3000 V/W differential conversion gain, this module can be used in digital application as high as 40 Gbps. Thanks to its linear response, it is well suited for pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) detection such as QAM-16. As a turn key solution, this module simply requires powering up from a single USB port. Remote control can be realized through the same USB port. Moreover, this module supports MGC/AGC function as well as bandwidth adjustment up to 35 GHz.

➤ Up to 32 GHz Bandwidth
➤ MGC or AGC Mode
➤ USB Powered
➤ Remote Control via Command Set
➤ Bandwidth Adjustment

➤ 40 Gbps DPSK
➤ PAM-4/QAM-16
➤ 30 GHz RF over fiber link