Programmable Variable Optical Attenuator


The Optilab VOA-C-M series is a programmable module variable optical attenuator, ideal for general lab testing and various applications such as EDFA amplifier qualification, DWDM system characterization, and loss simulation. The VOA-C-M has a nominal resolution of 0.02 dB and attenuation range of 38 dB, with the front panel providing an intuitive setting of the desired attenuation value. The OLED screen displays the input and output power as well as the attenuation level, with the built-in RS-485 port allowing for remote control and monitoring. The VOA-C-M is available in single mode output (SM).

➤Single Mode output
➤RS-485 Remote Interface
➤Accuracy of +/- 0.5 dB
➤+/- 0.1 dB Repeatability
➤0.02 dB Resolution
➤38 dB Range
➤1550 nm
➤Battery & USB power

Use In:
➤Loss Simulation in Fiber Optic Links
➤EDFA Output Power Characterization
➤Power Meter Linearity Calibration
➤Precise Optical Power Control
➤Analog Transmission Tests
➤Bit Error Rate Tests