Universal Laser Diode Controller, up to 1000mA


The Optilab ULDC-1000-MC is a fully integrated Universal Laser Diode Controller designed for 14 pin butterfly package. This compact, easy to use laser diode driver module operates under a single + 5 V power supply. ULDC-1000-MC offers LD current and temperature control that comes with a built in LCD display and a USB port for external PC control. The module is equipped with an adapter board, thus making it compatible with 14 pin butterfly LD module for any laser manufacturers by switching the daughter boards provided in the package. It features LD current range of 0-500 mA with a setting resolution of 1 mA and temperature range of 15 ℃-35 ℃ with a setting resolution of 0.1 ℃.

➤LD Current and Temperature Control
➤1000 mA LD Current
➤1.5 A TEC Current
➤On Board LCD Display
➤USB Port for External PC Control
➤Compatible with Any Pinout

➤Laser Diode Characterization
➤Research and Development
➤Laboratory Use
➤Failure Analysis